I've started writing for my year in review since 2014. You can read it in 2014, and 2015. Anyway, you won't find any more writing pieces from me on other writing platform i.e. Medium, it's only this place from now on.

What Went Well This Year

Balance Reality and Dream/Goals

I went all-in with making mobile games for several years. It didn't pan out that great in terms of financially independence. Thus I changed the approach and balanced accepting client's work/contracting and doing my own IP thing. I released WasinBot, and started Locpeed, and FKit. I will write more about those latter two things for future post.

I think the important things is you need to find the most healthy way you're happy to go along. But try first for what you believe, then adapt and change course a little bit by little bit. Shaping direction gradually will let you see what works, or what doesn't. It's for long term and healthy balanced way.

Write More

I gave up on wordpress and editing post via web interface. After I experienced composing a new post in Jekyll hooked up with automatic build process every time there's a new post pushed into master branch which set up via webhook on Github; all in Markdown language, I just love this approach more than former. At first, it started as an experiment whether I will be liking it or not. Not so long until I really love it.

Thus this means my website is auto-generated every time I push a new post into main branch. I wrote more than ever, and really enjoy going back to write more as I love its workflow so much. So I think it's about aesthetic, not convenience.

Decision Making

Long ago I'm always defer the decision making to be later and later until I would get more information. But as I'm older, I know there's not a chance for such information to be fulfilled. It's just enough and coverage what you need to know, or else. I'm getting better at this. Either personal, or business. Faster in making decision. Better outcome / consequence as I stick to what I chose.

Support Family

Year before 2016, it's my sister that almost contributes to supporting our family. I don't really have money to contribute as my mobile game is not published yet. After I changed my approach, and decided to do something about it. I can contribute to my family for 7 months by now in this year. If something didn't work out as expect, just gradually change its course, and work further on that. Outcome would likely change. You just adapt.

Get Uncomfortable

If it's not a task given from the company I'm currently on contracting basis, I would be just touching the surface of web development for my own project. The good thing about doing such task to serve client is that you get to learn and know bunch of things at hand. I learned more about CSS, AngularJS/Angular 2, ionic1/ionic2, build tools out there, NPM, and the way web developers do thing. It's so huge in this world but I just pick ones that suit my needs and not all-in jump into using new shiny libraries, it's not necessary.

The point is I've tapped into the zone I'm not familar with. This gave me strength, and benefit back to my own IP projects.

Contribte to Open Source Projects

Number of contributions in this year

Number of github contributions

I contributed to open source projects of others or myself in this year in terms of code, issues reporting, and document modification as follows (for notable ones)

What Didn't Go So Well This Year

Accept Too Many Clients' Works

I accepted too many clients' works thus leave me no time to finish it. There's a time when I need to cancel the project during the mid of development, and a time when I started initially but never continue and finish it.

Check List Since Last Year

What Improved

  • Acquire Several Skills
  • Better Negotiation Skill
  • Do More Side Projects
  • Study More Doctrine

What Didn't Get Improved

  • Fast Implementation of Any Task

What Am I Working Towards?

Balance Number of Clients' Works

I need to be more careful before accepting any new work. I need to finish the current projects at hands first before accepting new one. That means being aware of period for finishing project, or seeking for potential client then accepting a new work.

Continue Maintaining Habit

As usual, habit is the key. Continue doing task at the scheduled time in every day is good for me.

Contribute More on Open Source Projects

The major contribution in this year for me is Potatso by migrating its Swift 2 code to 3, and included with step-by-step on how to build the project. This contribution really ignite my inner energy to contribute more to various open source projects. Having seen people could take benefit from such project is a blessing for me. Potatso is great as it's an iOS client used to connect to Shadowsocks proxy mainly used when you access outside website from within China mainland. I expect myself to contribute to open source projects more.

So that's it for this year in review. All the best for you guys too, for a great start of 2017.