It's 9 days by now since I've arrived in Shenzhen, China on 28 November but started the first night there the next day as it was nearly mid-night to crash on a hotel.

Me and my girlfriend had spent large amount of time researching, contacting agencies, and checking several places to stay long term. After we got a place a couple of days ago, we have experienced the cost of food around the place we stay thus we are able to give out the estimation on cost of living in Shenzhen.

2 most important things taking part in conderation are

  1. Rental
  2. Food


We got a shared apartment very near and in a few minutes walk to Bao'an Center metro station. A shared apartment has ...

  1. 4 rooms (each with key-lock)
  2. 1 shared bathroom
  3. 1 shared kitchen
  4. 1 shared living room

It's as cheap as we can find. We take price as the 1st priority in consideration, the 2nd is location to be near my girlfriend's working place.

It costs ~2,450 RMB per month.


Fortunately, food in some area of Shenzhen is comparable cheap to food in Chonqing and Chengdu. It's good too that restaurants around here provide reasonable cheap food.

We can find noodle, rice, or dumpling type of food that cost around 12-15 RMB. Soy milk costs 1-2 RMB. Coconut milk costs 2-4 RMB.

Those food are not just cheap but also delicious.

If we eat outside every day, 2 meals per day (we almost didn't have breakfast), it costs total for us (2 persons) 60-70 RMB per day. It's 1,800-2,100 RMB per month.

If we cook ourselves, this is going to cost less.*Update later


Other cost would be ad-hoc things we might need in day-to-day, it probably won't cost much but depends on situation.*Update later


2,450 + 1,800 = 4,250 RMB per month.
2,450 + 2,100 = 4,550 RMB per month.
Thus 4,250-4,550 RMB per month (at least)