Today I archived Potatso. The project that helped me use Internet freely without being blocked by GFW (Great Chinese Firewall).

First of all I need to say thank you to icodesign for doing this project and opened source code of Potatso on Github although now it's no more. It's around 2 years ago since I moved to China that I make use of this project to serve Internet freely on my iPhone. In which I've contributed huge migration changes to make it buildable on device, and benefit other users that keep an eye on this project as well.

And thank you to all of you who sent me messages how much the project has helped you, and even donated me some money!

I will talk more about icodesign's project later in this post.

It all started with the pull request (I've lost track of PR on github now as original author removed the repository, but you can take a look at this commit) I sent to original author icodesign.

it all started here

Since then gradually more and more users who cannot build the project on newer Swift version (3.x at that time) can take advantage of from such commit.

From time to time, I contributed back mostly about Swift update, better project dependencies management, cleaning up and refactoring. A few making a change to re-enable certain feature of adding URL back. But to be clear, almost none about networking part or catching up updates from Shadowsocks protocol.

This project allows me to feel getting some donation money from Chinese users in chinese's cashless way i.e. WeChat pay, Alipay. I remember that I told my mom such experience is very great that I possibly could make money living in China doing other online business .... (up until now I haven't had success yet, anyway).

I took screenshots of receipt or notification about donation coming in. I kept it in my Favorites album.

Some of donations ...

donation 1

donation 2

donation 3

donation 4

and a couple of praises from few more others I personally got

praise 1

praise 2

Please note I always mention about icodesign for his foundation and great work that I just work on top. So all due respect goes to him. About donation, I have always kept his paypal and donation address intact. All my intention is clear and not to take credits.

Decision to archive the project is my focus has gone somewhe else from iOS ecosystem. I've put all focus on PC / consoles game development now and lower activity down to none on mobile as well as I didn't use Swift or target iOS for foreaseable time being.

I don't want to not do anything despite issues being raised, comments on Github pop in here and there, and I ignore it. It's because I really don't pay attention to the project for quite long time.

This is for the better. If you're interested to pushing this project forwards, you can fork the project and start there.

Lastly, you can support icodesign by purchasing his Potatso 2 app on appstore and using it if you live in China. I leave relevant links before. Farewell for now :)